Reward of God

In the shadow of hill
and Bank of a River,
Father and Son were
Treading together.

Gentle was air though
Forest was thick,
Rabbits were playing
A hide and seek.

Saw the son, birds,
Chirping in rain,
Flowers were flowing
In beautiful terrain.

What a dusky cloud
And rainbow by chance,
Exclaimed the father
And begun to dance.

Tears flew through eyes
With gratitude and Joy,
Bow down to Gardener
Father said to the Boy.

And boy was surprised
In such forest and rain,
Where is the Gardener
In such man-less plain.

Why he would take
such fruitless task.
whom to show this and
Still hidden in mask.

Who is here to enjoy
The flower and rain,
and what is award
Boy asked with disdain.

Not able to watch
Not able to touch,
Why such a puzzle
Throw you so much.

Smiled the father
Replied to the boy,
No body is required
To celebrate in joy.

He cares the plants
With water through rain,
gives sunlight to grow
And makes beautiful plain.

Food through soil
And thorn to protect,
Shelters the flowers
Can not you detect.

Can not we touch him
Can not we watch,
But he is surrounding
Where ever we walk.

He is prevailing in
Fragrance you love,
Blossoming of flowers
And Cuckoo of a bird.

And Son you are asking
What is his award,
This dance of nature is
making him to laugh.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

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