Rewind to Love

I walk in the morning alone on the street,
I rarely see people but to me that's a treat.
I plug in my earphones and touch 'go' to my book
I stride into my pace though not in a race.
As the author drones on my thoughts turn to the south.
Are you feeling well dear? Looking pretty? Up and out?
Then back to the author but the story I've lost.
I rewind to get back to where I left off.
A thousand more steps to the story I listen,
but my mind is on Georgia as again it's transitioned.
I remember your eyes, your hands in my own,
as memories flow in of meetings untold.
Of deep melting kisses, of touches and words,
of feelings, deep feelings, that constantly grow.
But wait! There I go! I'm ahead in my book...
I hit rewind again by hook or by crook
Soon my walk is completing as I'm back to my home.
I hit 'stop' on the app and take off my earphones.
Inside to my coffee to get on with my day,
then to fish, or to crab or to build or to play.
As I live through each day til the sky changes hue.
I rewind then too, but only to you.

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