Rewriting History

Let’s rewrite history, we know all that we need to learn.
Tear down historical building and monuments they are of no concern.
Then we’ll pile all the books, strike a match, and watch them burn.
All the races want in on this so let give them their turn.

We’ll erase the America Indians and their Trail of Blood and Tears
No need to worry about their feeling or how we encouraged their fears.
Then destroyed their homes and lands where they had lived for years.
Or the way that we silenced their screams and cries so no one hears.

African Chiefs wouldn’t have to apologize because they sold their own.
No need to worry how their fingers bled and were cut to the bone.
From plowing the fields and picking all the cotton that they had sewn.
No children taken away from their parents before they were grown.

We wouldn’t have to stop Hitler from striking not once but twice.
All the pain and suffering he caused the Jews was beyond the price.
We made it easy; the world was laid out like a cake for him to slice.
Death would be the only way to stop this from happening thrice.

Let’s rewrite history, go back to the beginning from which we came.
Stop Adam and Eve from eating the fruit and the feeling of shame.
Thus stop the people from treating our history like it’s a game.
And, stopping all the finger pointing and the placing of blame.

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This Poems Story

This poem in reference to the way people are treating our history.