Rheden That Crow: Angel and Fiend

Moment when life no general direction. Now as an assist to keep going in this madness; I much less than after time indent somewhat sad. This forget it, end it pass this dash it past tense lasting passion just keeps going with rhyme's paper and wit ever as I exist.

Torment to list and quit weeping I tell through my own dis of complaint ethics. Setting on to myself everything thing is swell bended nails most of course because himself never did except to fail to gain Lyuarisa as she'd care how; I hell even though exhausted she told to accept me for who I am.

Neither does no one else need what I think to care to share except her always her anything to first given sacrifice day and night. She is there always fair with the passion of Blair in my images her beautiful glare her soul taking hold a ghost. Asking me now, if I am we'll fading beyond the distance I listened and I say yeah I guess I'm a mess this sentence distress invention emptiness inside I died but with disdain to torcher spirit's alive. Make it hard for this to be written, why should I?

Deep inside to collide with melee events rage versus sadness with no happiness drastic without a pathetic life submerged covenant underground born to die under the sky wide. From the us vampires burn as it should not be in kill of a vampire for real I am one for though I thought; this line I write to her exceed brilliant I had someone real this time to night unforgiven to my touch enough was good for us.

At rest in our coffin but it's not her sacred into what hidden scroll deceased Harkiel That Bat demon what undone was her dense to lift that dark. That is now returned one with me intense flames become us alone again love to a fiend we made happen a discarded angel and fiend.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about the common place between dark and light. It is also showing the innate remnates of physical connection which their by for is to gain. Without it everything is glum a meaningful nothingness.