It was here dead so more near gone with fear to hear voices in my head. I tend to disappear in disdain the hurt that lurks from birth in no shame.

That no success is to come off to was the burner of paper.
Some in the red rain stained me six weeks for summer bummer because of my sin mainly; aim to be a hunter of souls to reap haphazard in life. Often succeeding not then back down
found broke so that would make the soul ice. I fight it hide it decided it the spirit fly why raised?

In my red eyes the sky to torment everybody and the body die the time come finally. Surprise for weeks dark I lay dense burning dry. It’s back then taking literal critical critics.
Not dope hanging them by the throat under over by their words the disturbed metaphorical genius.

I am of many unclean spirits that hated me and my Lyuarisa. Who stills live the earth roaming sown since centuries ago?
Suddenly we become dirt me a lanky listless laborious writer.
As I am hurt some died I rise to achieve being me vague. Not seen first cursed invincible in the word ingenious. I instill real in a world full of water with turds that the feelings get hurt.

I could do that as the worse the nerd with perks that all who are not worth these as I. Empty this dread filled curse a purse snatch take it away stay not stolen;
But returned earn to me burst in super fly a new day with pay employed the Satanist check. Ripple the tide a street covered in darkness eyes of a dead least slide open wide. Your mind’s eye with reasoning to;
Acknowledge my philosophy then sees me again within my eyes bleed raven corpse; and you will die.

If you see why fire the feel of the prize in my mind find seeking not a wife but someone to die.
Angels of more circle the floor dead of knob doors locked. Come to rob whores of life leech end this to type of. Much static might be mister Satan believing siting here just waiting behind the eclipse I bleed out.

The heat sink eternal dreaming reap wing of light the bird’s flight slice of human finger that goes great with this rice. I've earned my scars in every perfectible ruined rhyme.
Facet they are killed in the night I often go bizarre line length do a gremlin?

Someone better stay far away from him or get ready to lose some of them limbs. I will eat them even spiteful doing just that to have a knife full of blood.

I'm stuck in a grudge without love, these now heard spirits unknown cheering me on Harkiel That Bat. This got something to it given in my quest with stacks to be the best.
In his demonic poetry so raw with no regret and deep lasting with truth to my being; Deceased for centuries underneath awaken sudden. Decreased in a black hole but coming out a pot of gold untold of.

With a damaged mind state and a passion to defined great also with a little interchangeable grace roll.
Unstoppable fold known as creation holding a legacy mine patrol upon this paper
a rose garden fable.

Expanded out to the birds the crow Rheden here I go able to shine bright in the night. Reason here it is the season to be featuring and dream of chopping some girls off to go feeding on.
Hand me a jerk for what it's worth millions to end it here. I must prefer then chuckle upset deal the soap gross beautiful death stroke.
Then I return as a ghost home as the bat for the show disturb arose.

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The dark thought expression.