Rheden That Crow: The Middle Tide

I'm missing a lot the things I think about.
I just want to drop dead a lot of the things that should be in my head on the table.
It was to be a part of me kept if this Rheden that Crow
when nothing else is.

I'm the wit on the floor with lyrics it's the sun and the moon
gearing the engine up.
I care with food imperative intense cigarette smoke in my throat.
Hunger is my bloom smoking is too with these
save the world soon.

I dislike girls that are not Satanist and Goth.
I'll kill them with a spoon.
I will try to though the knife is my flow hooking up notes.
I sort of knew Silly Crow Rheden Harkiel this
would happen a beast.

I'm in Scotland telling them I'm from Texas again stuck out here
empty in these streets.
In the freezing wind drinking this moonshine and popping pills
with no career or money to begin.
I'm a loser I'm a zero I'm a bum saving for when it happens.

Is the crapping in the ground my faults?
I reminisce on the days when I was rich.
I'm moving on I'm distant in the woods at the abandon gas station sitting seeking a new leaf now next, to the broke down tow truck.

It's from this old tree.
I'm biting hogs in there low butts staring over not from the beginning.
Let's roll up the marijuana blunt will be so greatly
that smoker dear joker.

I cannot wait my pay in the back by the Lake
Success is heading my way oh yay.
These maybes I think forget what you say.
I am not a waste critics of sperm here burn this year.
I was put on this earth and I learned many not to fear only wouldn't on this beer buzz.

It's now to the ending I don't care about any love you stupid girls.
Just forget it all I am sinning to what the bible says.
The apprentice to hell I fell again I should mention.
That was the line to this sentence competition in the way trying to stop me from shining distant.

It's like a roaring lion written this kind of dense thinking combined
rinse the scars of my super talent to hide.
It's the vision of the pain of an unbalanced reign of terror.
These are prepared where in thoughts take hold hostile living and cold the paring of a universal of souls.

The legion the dealing between bold and sold to drugs what
the role of a Satanist alone stuck in the wilderness of a poem.
Let this be known to you this
is where I belong in my zone free to be home.

It's me as my own self the only that cares.
I don't need your help I help myself yeah right about to hang myself
with a belt.
This is into a portal of death kept by the
nine inch nail forget what you feel.

Then bury yourselves bye.
I'm flying in the sky as the crow.
I will rise my wings spread wide to die in a system of a life.
That's full of it in a piece of pie.

I'm eating doing this with so much damned pride
to not let this go in the eyes.
This is of a blind man think about this time
that it was when it was just you and I.

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This about depth substance carried on through the next phase of the destruct.