Rhymes With Insult

I awoke with these feelings of furious failure,
Lost in translation, slipping from the foreground.
Choices governed by our hearts, not our heads,
Is it possible for so many to be left so spellbound?

I see myself surrounded by a generation of weak minds,
Hands held and spoon fed on a plate of progressive change.
This march of madness behind shields of power,
Have become portable terminals for a verbal shooting range.

But this social army we gathered to combat the world,
Is a faceless bombardment with ill result.
You claim to be tough, to be champions of slur, yet,
All I see are glass animals who shatter at every insult

We preach free speech but shun speakers of truth.
Shouting equality, but only a voice in the choir.
We claim to love all yet combat all with hate.
That the idea of empathy will be our humanity on a pyre.

The struggle is real. We have weapons of discourse.
So you must speak honestly but not rush in.
And only now am I afraid of our ammunition of words,
For we are lemmings in a misinformed panel discussion.

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