I take words we all know,
Put em in order just like so,
I use words of reason and words that rhyme
Words for all seasons words for all times
I can twist and shape at my pens will
Words of grace and words that thrill
Hope to write a poem one day,
That will have something to give and something to say
To put a smile of some ones face
That will speak to their soul with style and grace
I create a poem from out of my mind
Keeping my direction and taking my time
I beleive theres a poet down deep in us all
Where alot we hide, behind our minds wall
Knock that wall down from top to base
Then gets some paper and start your pace
When it is done and all written down
Be sure to check the spelling, the rhime and sound
That's how it works, and always will,
For your poem to be strong ,solid and real
Sign your name on the very last line
And you have a poem, thats one of a kind

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