Rhythms of the Moon

The waxing and waning of the Moon across the star speckled sky.
She kisses away the Sun's infernal heat into the cool night's air.
The oceans come to her beckon call as they dance in tidal beauty.
Oh how many lives she has lived and is always born anew.
In her fullness and glory she sings to her children
Come dance under my lightened skies.
Sometimes she shines with brilliance, a stunning martyr in the sky.
Other times clouds surround and tuck her away from the world below.
Her guardian is never far and howls up in her honor.
The eternal bond between the wolf and his mistress.
Their love will continue on another night.
She shines with all her might guiding wayward travelers home.
Her femininity abounds and is shared among all of her sisters.
What a fantastic mystery she is.

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