Ribbons From Heaven

High across the sky
Colors of heaven I see fly.

High across the sky
Colors of heaven I see fly.

Pink, blue, yellow and green
Ribbons from heaven, are what they seem

I wish I could see them everyday
Ribbons from heaven, I wish you would stay.

Those beautiful ribbons down to me reach
Leaving me breathless and without speech.

The visions of colors, I know come from you
Visions of ribbons reaching down from heaven it’s true.

Many memories those colors hold
Memories of you that start to unfold.

The ribbons from heaven, to me they say
I’m here with you and won’t go away.

Those beautiful ribbons I try so hard to touch
Knowing it will be you, the one I miss so much.

If I could just touch one, forever on I would hold
Cause I know it would be you and together we’d grow old.

But the ribbons from heaven never seem to last
They fade away quickly and leave me in the past.

Leaving me with my wonderful memories of you.
Wishing the Ribbons from Heaven were true.

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