Rice Fields and Countrysides

I come from rice fields and countrysides,
Water buffaloes, banana leaves, and karaoke.
Incense burning and chanting prayers,
"An Com" and morning walks for food.

I come from long flights and curiosity,
A new land and new discoveries
With great joy, a new addition to the family
A brother, who still to this day,
Only communicates through screams and babbles.

I come from catch-ups and knowledge.
A boy with slurred speech but powerful manipulation of numbers,
Supported and raised by parents caring yet strict,
Assimilation and random accumulations of experience
Coalescing and conglomerating.

I also come from defects and conflicts.
Parents who impose curfews like putting chains on my legs,
Inhibiting my outside interactions and notion of freedom.
Teased by others because of a strabismic eye and audible respiration,
A slip into a self-conscious depression and period of self-loathing.
A recent past infested with problems that I have yet to solve,
But one day, I know the answer will be within my reach.

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