Ride Down Ole Sally

Up early and out before the crack of dawn
Hoss was saddled and bridled with a yawn.
Reins in hand, and a foot in the stirrup
I swung in the saddle like Wyatt Earp.
My hoss did a prance n my spurs jingled
My head was dim, my thoughts were mingled.
The mornin was brisk, felt alot like frost
We were going south lookin fer cattle that’s lost.

Da mountains are as steep as an old tin roof
Rocky, hard climin, and slick on the hoof!
We started in the west fork, a bit after dawn
There on the hillside was a half grown fawn.
Cory and Henry had taken eastside of ole Sally
We were to meet in the middle and do up a tally.
Now the filly I was riding was green broke at best
My good hoss was back at the ranch, needing his rest.

This little filly was light on her feet, and sharp as a whip!
I wondered bout puttin her out on this trip?
She didn’t miss much, always looking a round
She went where I guided, never watching the ground!
We followed the creek up to the beginnin,
The filly hadn’t faultered, my confidence she was winnin!
A top of the ridge a few hours later,
My stomach was growlin soundin like a gator?

I sat agin the cannel and eased in my seat,
Reached in my bags to get something ta eat.
When all of a sudden! From under my saddle,
Came a squeel, a grunt, and a heck-of-a raddle!
Then came the explosion, from the hooves beneath!
Caught me a sleepin, like a late-night thief!
I reached fer da reins that were now long gone,
Nothing there fer me but a prayer and a song!

Her head went down, and her back humped up!
Again came a squeal, sounded like a pup.
Had a sandwich in one hand and hat in the other,
Viewing the situation, I thought "o brother"!
Three bucks into it, I felt my seat a losin,
With the rocks and the brush, I knew I'd be brusin!!
We was headin down hill, really goin fast!
The next buck comin I knew was my last!

Over her head through the air I went chargin,
My hat and my sandwich, I did my best guardin.
End over teakettle, I’m gonna land on my butt!!
This is gonna hurt! I felt in my gut.
I touched down much harder than any C-41,
There was rocks! and cactus!, aww son-of-a-gun!!
As I bounced and tumbled and slid with a rush,
Then came a tree and all dat mesquete brush!

As I went skinnin my rear, and tearin my shorts,
All I could think of was killin that horse!
Everthing stopped cept the dust in the air,
Seven miles from home! it didnt seem fair?
The walk I could do no doubt in my mind,
So help me that horse, I better not find!!
Id lost my lunch, but kept hold of my hat!!
With the sun over head, I was thankful-for-that!

The back of my pants all riddled and torn,
If only I’d gotten ahold of that horn!
I started off the mountain,that day in the heat,
My body was hurtin from my head to my feet.
I walked but a mile and my anger was dimin
Outta the trees walked the filly, I felt my face grinnin.
I caught hold of her reins, thank God above!
After all of what happened, I was mighty short on love.

Holding the filly, I knew, I’d not have ta walk,
No one was with me so, there might be no talk.
With the bridle in hand I thought maybe I’d keep her.
Then I swung on her back, and the cactus went deeper!
I stood Quick! in the saddle, fearing ta sit down,
When out of the forest rode, Henry the clown!
Behind him was Cory with smiles on their face?
Saying "you’ll never guess what we saw take place?"

I mustard a grin and swallowed my Pride...
The evidence before them was too much to hide!
I know there’ll be ribbing,and piles of crap!
All to be heaped up right here in my lap.
From the wisdom inside, I said with a grin...
"I had a lot of fun. maybe you’ll join in?
They both let out a chuckle, then Henry began to tell...
All bout the ride they'd seen, figuring it had sent me to, well...

I wasn’t bout to let them know I was hurt,
So I sat on that leather and it ground in the dirt.
We headed for the ranch, none reported any tally,
But the stories would grow from that "ride down ole Sally"

by Buck (Les) Hedges copywright 10/2001

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