Everyone has different personalities
Some cases its extreme
We call it a disorder
But we all have it
For we all live in different worlds
You all feel it
Like you are never 100% there
Like there is a rift in the world
There’s the world we all live in
We call it reality
We put on a poker face and just live in it
There’s the fun world
With friends, family
We are fun and daring in this world always happy
There’s the serious world
For school, work
Anything that dangers the fun world
Here we are straight forward
Sometimes sad
Sometimes neutral
Then there is the dream world
Every time we sleep
The dreams of worlds we wish to be in
The dreams of worlds we fear
Then there is the lost world
Where life went wrong
You don’t know how you get there
You don’t know how to get out
Hopeless, depressed
It’s difficult to leave
We drift between them all
And countless others
Showing different sides of ourselves
Our different personalities
We are never truly here
But the people that always do well
Have mastered the rift between worlds
Able to identify all and switch personalities
On a dime
There are those who stay in one world
Never coming out
Only acting properly in one type of situation
That’s how this world works
You can’t deny the different personalities
You just rift between them till the end.

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