By aly   

When you feel nothing inside you can feel 3 things. 1 anger 2 sadness and 3 loneliness. And the loneliness is so strong i just don't feel anything else and i can't handle the pain of that. I want to call someone, but im scared im just bothering people. I feel like no one wants me around and no one needs me. I wish i could feel confident in myself but i can never feel that way. I wish i had someone that texted me 24/7. Some that told me goodnight and goodmorning, but who would want to be with me. Do that for me. I'm just the coaches daughter, i'm the popular guys little sister, i'm the…….. The… the fat and ugly girl. The one that can be one of the guys. The one that's only the friend. im everything guys ask for but yet im only the friend and can never be the girlfriend. I'm the person people go to for advice, and help when they feel like this, but yet i don't have any reassurance that i'm loved. That i'll be ok…… but i'll be ok. Dont worry about me, i'll be fine.. right?

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