Right Beside You

Just give me a second, a little more time,
You've always been there in the back of my mind.
I've missed you forever; since the moment you left,
I never imagined what a short time we'd get.
Time's stolen away all my bright memories,
But some are as clear as if they're burned into me;
Rolling along in that red caravan,
Singing along to the songs we can't stand.
You spoiled me sweet, that's all I can say,
And I loved you more than all that you gave.
Though I never got to tell you, you meant more than you know,
I always knew you'd be there and I'd have a place to go.
You might be far away, but I feel you here close by,
You're always in my heart even though it's deep inside.
You might think that you've faded, but your face is crystal clear,
I remember you so well it's like your sitting with me here.
But when I'm feeling lost and you feel so far away,
The tears roll down my face, and I beg for yesterday.
I close my eyes, and hear your voice, singing out of tune,
What you say I'll hear forever, "I'm right beside of you."
So when I look up at the sky, and whisper words of prayer,
I know the Lord is listening, and that you’re waiting with him there,
Someday we will meet again, I always will believe,
That even when you're far away, you're right beside of me.

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