Right Here as I Am

Deep inside is where I hid it
are all my feelings that I kept for so long.
Through all the pain and the sorrow that tainted
the very path I walked are nothing new to me.
Up ahead I looked to the north sky and there, I saw it;
A bright star that lights up the dark!
It was there that I then knew that it's not all over yet,
and putting my foot forward, I made my bet.

I won't die just yet, for this chapter only has begun,
and then my thread of fate has further spun.
Along the way, I near a voice;
It tells me to not die and to keep moving forward.
My future may be unclear now, obscured in my eyes,
but I know that it's there.

I have walked so far and now before me are the stones in a river bed.
One by one, I step on each slowly to get to the other bank
after overcoming many slopes.
I won’t ever look back on the previous chapters that I wrote before.
This chapter right here is just the beginning, but I won't end it here.
No, I won't end it until I reach my end because
I’m right here.

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