Right is wrong

I know a place called right is wrong, three men were trialled no crime was done,
Two were guilty one was not, it was the innocent who was hung then shot,
The clouds shed their tears tonight, in memory of the dead man’s cry,
His last words before he died... ‘God knows I did not commit no crime’,
A criminal is what they preach they say this man he murdered three,
Is this not the reality of the peoples greed? Oh their effort to make the truth unseen,
I know a place called wrong is right where hates encouraged, love confined,
For over here love is blind, the human emotion undefined,

They say ‘If she dies today and if he dies tonight send them straight to hell’,
You’d think they owe them one when they hear no breath and watch their loved ones dwell,
Over here they practice with pride that Darwin’s teachings were right,
the strong survive and proceed in life while the weak ones are left here to die’
Children set up in lines row by row take an oath, swear on their life,
Equipped with guns, the deal sealed and done,
A pig left to slaughter was one mothers son,

I know a place called right is wrong, where birds can’t sing their voice long gone,
Where up is down and in is out and when you want to whisper SHOUT!
Where over here women are seen as a dice gambled by men,
Their curves just edges and eyes black dots on white piece of cube to them,
A deck of cards on a table of pool as they shuffle each women’s tear,
For hate is love and, yes sad is love when in context of some place like here,

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