Right my wrongs

Trying to right my wrongs,
Through writing songs,
When we fight all the nights are long,
It always seems like the timings wrong,
But we keep fighting on,
And cover the pain we're both hiding from,
I should be the shoulder that she's crying on,
But she's more worried about what I'm doing and what drugs I've been on,
While I figure out what drugs I need to forget about the guys she's on,

My minds flying and leaving earth,
Because up there he's free from hurt,
She made me start doubting myself I couldn't see my worth,
And now I've gotta re read a verse,
About how I'm feeling hurt,
Does talking about it really work?

I just need advice,
Now we just fight,
Do I leave her life?
At the start I was like Jesus Christ,
Til she cheated twice,
Now I literally can't treat her nice,
I wanted her to pay an equal price,
So I could be alright,
So I started playing my evil games,
I didn't want to leave or stay,
I wanted to hurt her so I could be okay,
But now I see her pain,
And I just leave ashamed;
Because I'm no longer free from blame,
From what we became...

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