A cold room with plain white walls.
My little burrito is wrapped in my arms,
Sleeping peacefully- oh I wish it was me.
Sitting, wishing, pacing- the anticipation is killing me.
"Ill be back shortly" said Nurse Silly; oh gosh wait - what was her name?
Jane, Erin or maybe it was Kelly.
His little row of pinkish piggies resting on my left arm,
squishy and relax- soon it will not be.
I hear voices on the other side of the door, then fades away.
Then.... knock knock door knob turn sloooowly.
I held him closer, "oh Riley."
Nurses arrived- latex gloves, face mask- looks like a robbery.
But, it's not, they are here for my baby.
I asked----
"Is this necessary?".
"Don't worry, there will be crying but no one will be dying"
A heal prick, drops of red raspberry color into the small glass vile;
Still sleeping peacefully and quietly,
They wrote his name down, it was magnificent to see it labeled - "Riley"

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