tick, tock, tick, tock
another dull day at school and I'm almost in tears
still more ticking from the clock
but then a new sound fills my ears

a ringing, ringing from the wall
the phone is singing a new song
but wait- must I answer the call?
could I have done something wrong?

instead, it's an officer who informs me of a dire circumstance
involving two cars, one collision
the car of seven didn't stand even a chance
against the drunk who hit them with perfect precision

I fall to the floor screaming
the unforgiving ground is my only greeting
in between sobs I'm pleading
and all I can hear is the ringing, ringing, ringing

there's a whisper telling me to hold on
hold on? hold on…
how could I hold on
when the ones I love dearest, are now all gone?

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