My heart is still ticking not missing a beat
because of the tenderness of Love's call.
Unconditional, never ashamed, not a word spoken,
only the caressed of unforeseen that blow's upon
the depth of my innermost parts. Sanctioning his beloved
which only he/she can hear.
How wonderful to know your eyes are every where
searching out the good the bad.
The only one who can bring about this glorious day of change.
It was you who kept me from falling into emptiness,
a hollow ending, drowning into despair, into oblivion grasp,
that suddenly creeps upon us
with tears over flowing the river beds.
I awake to find that I was far, far beyond
and I stood not alone.I am in your presence;
never will I look back. Earthquakes, there is no comparison,
the tremor and joy within me shake-rocks the ground,
as your magnificent image filtrates through my mind,
capturing me like precious instruments in pure sound.
You came into my life as gentle as a summer breeze,
embracing me with warmth and tranquility.
The spirit within me ignites changing my darkness to light.
You bestowed your love upon me without hesitation, without question,
you sweeten me with raptures grace.
Finally, I am set free of earths carnal embrace.
Who am I, the voice of rest and encumbered Peace.

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