Ripped apart.

ever had something tear your whole family apart ?
i have and it was terrible to watch,
sometimes you’re lucky and they might stay,
other times you might want to run away,

how can it be that important you might say?
well it’s not I hope you realize that one day,
you took everything from me not knowingly,

even though the drugs are illegal,
you crushed them up and shot them up as much as you can,
it’s sad when you find needles in your drawers ,
but even sadder when you walk out those doors

i try to tell myself the past is the past,
but I know I’m lying and yet I try to make it last,
i tell you I love you as much as I can,
because I never know when I can hear your voice again,

as I read your letters I have to thank you,
you made my life harder,
but yet I’m stronger,
thank you for my aunts,sisters,and my father

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heartfelt poem about my personal life.