Ripped Off & Copied

(I have noticed a lot of my poem's words, ideas, & titles,
Are being inserted, reused, & recycled In other people's poetry.
Can't people form there own original ideas & plots?
Without re-wording other's to make it sound new?)

Will I get one last supper?
Pass the bread.
A prayer before slumber.
Busy with bible study you read.
Walk on water?
Hailing brimstones...
Confessions to a father.
Spying ghomes.
Sacred wishes, granted.
Class dismissed go home.
Written lies slanted.
Evil curses & spells chanted.
Bad nurses banned from a paradise enchanted.
Blessed is he who is with me.
Bring me an angel.
Their name was cupid.
Love created what he did.
Goddess of love sent from above.
Granted me a solid connection.
With a united ressurrection.
Formed to perfection.
A true delight shining like a prism bright.
Deflecting sin, reflecting next of kin. Metallic rainbows will win.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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