A constant wave of thoughts, whispers, sounds
Stillness is hard,
She is a wandering soul,
Always lost and emotional,
A distracting fragrant breeze,
Oh she’s wild and untamed,
Yet she is perplexed,
Chained by guilt and regrets,
Stability is what she seeks and needs,
But ends up in a chaotic abyss,
The endless darkness has left her paralyzed,
She knows what she has done,
She sits back and laughs,
Oh that mournful laugh,
Hides her pain, mistakes and vulnerability,
She wants to rise and fight,
She feels weak,
Feeble she made herself,
She can’t stand for her own,
But she is learning,
And learnt she has well,
She rises from the ashes of her demise,
She is no wonder woman,
Yet she knows she has the power to become one,
She is no wonder woman,
But she will fight and rise,
She is a rising phoenix,
Avenging her sorrows,
One evil at a time.

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This Poems Story

This poem is very personal to me as I have constantly struggled with self-esteem and relationship issues and how I am slowly and steadily trying to overcome my weaknesses.