The horizon of a sunset is a beautiful creation,
In a thin sliver, the rest of the world is compressed in between.
In that small sliver of light,
Time is moving rapidly,
People are collapsing,
People are smiling and laughing.
Somewhere across the oceans, someone is staring at me.
Perhaps that someone is thinking the same things.
As I watch the sunset, I feel a weight on my chest.
Today may mark a day of sweet victory for one,
The last for another.
For this, I had a sudden epiphany.
We constantly try to categorize the world as a state of being.
And sadly, this is an impossible task.
The world had nor ever will be peaceful.
Never will it be, prosperous, beautiful, or safe.
We cannot divide the state of humanity into a label or a name.
At all times, in every moment, the horizon is shifting and changing,
Like a thousand dust particles.
And if we cannot accomplish this task for humanity,
Who is to say we can do the same for a single person?
Who is to say we will ever be equal, for the sake of our sanities,
Achievements, revisions, miscellaneous inconveniences!
Who is to say that I must go onto a set path through this life?
I am not the sun, cursed to follow the same path for eternity.
You are a beautiful creation.

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