Rise And Fall Of Love

The silence between us wasnt one of disdain
or road and lives gone awry.
It was of calm rivers that brought forth inner peace
if not at least for a short while.
Every breath taken in and out
reminds me of the calming leaves on maple trees
that sway back and forth. In a way of course
reminding me of the gentle tides
that rise like hips
and gentle drops of salty ocean
that fall like tears upon bewildered faces.
How can he not feel as she feels?
Thought this love was the real deal
more than lust, strong as trust.
Yet he denies the tides
states the waves have gone astray.
No longer sees the calming leaves on maple trees
or hears the whistling of the gentle sea breeze.
My love serves no purpose
no need for my service.
I guess I must rise with the tides and sway alone
just like the leaves.
So not to disappoint
I shall retreat to the ocean
where I will be free
and taken just as I am.

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