Rise Of The Doomed

The victory speech victories speak onto me.
The light blessings are victorious up in the air flight over the passage of time.
Some kind defines many cords rhyme trumpets sound.
The record violin plays in display a mind. The cave in since to a child rejected nest.
When it was left list birth defects came here.

This is without worth put into this degree shadow the earth about
finding a purpose.
The search found inherited a pencil abroad many deep long unique surf totally.
I'm unbound by sweets my dessert to feast on words eating.
I can't stop it my passion everlasting great for the satanic masses.

It's also my gladness through it wooden building style sickness.
I'm magic happening when written ideas passing it.
I go overboard with this poetry noise noted to methods best dread
the most of.
When I have no reason to begin hoping regard to boast but quiet deny this
pride his quick witty parts.

The sick infinite hits by decision awesome really he did it a mod.
The neatly in the spectrum of art some try to copy by parts.
This torn apart his heart one into pieces sweeping up dirt caught ever he lives.
In the dark bonded with no one preferred this far wolf in his bark alone.

The concentrated a mad scientist disturb maybes that's me.
I'm referring to do much reserve from society yep. I kept the logic sense enough
to do the step above be.
I snooze they lose can robots making doom be to cruel be done in this chapter
crafted a stopgap expertise.

It's beyond poetry explicit content failed wrapped up in a burrito
rash extent imagination awful stench staff.
It's folded up inside my brain death metal twisted bring the insanity.
I am never to compromise my values made principles.
I clone to parades of the days I hide in my place.

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The morbid dense of the dread curiosity creation map story telling.