Risk for Chance

Why do we make the same mistakes?
Fall for the same types of people
And put our hearts on the line
It's not that we don't learn
We know the potential consequences
It's that we choose risk for chance
We risk not going out
For the chance that he'll answer back and ask to meet
We risk common sense
For the chance that our hearts may know better than our logic
This time
We risk losing friendships
For the chance of love
We risk losing present happiness
For the chance of future joy
We risk losing time and patience
For the chance that he might be the one
We risk losing our sanity
For the chance that he'll change the bad habits
That were there from the start
But he doesn't
And he won't
And so we're left feeling hopeless
Still we continue to make the same mistake
For the chance that this time, it will be different

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