River – prose

The day is long winded if not filled with mundane stimulation; even momentary distraction will do for the minute. You did always tell me to live in the moment. I am both used to and consistently startled by my coexistence with the homelessness you've shared with me. I lay restless without your refuge to curl my sense of self into through the midnight hours. I long to navigate the depths of the sleeping world with you again. I am aimless without your river spilling through my sea- the irony does not exempt me; all this bounty and no visitors to trade treasures with. With little effort, my deepest depths knew to rise up to meet your traveling banks. Pouring out now, like a running river myself, I would flow into you with no trace that we were ever two separate bodies; no proof that one had once been two. You were but a passing through of the inevitable. I knew better to think I could rewrite nature for more than one act of itself.

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