A delightful child; one beautiful and full of promise.
"Why do people hate me?", she asks, and has no answer.
She wonders what is wrong with her; wonders why he touches her.
There is no safe place for her; enemies are everywhere.
"Why do people beat me, humiliate me, and hate me?", she asks.
"I will live inside my bubble because that is where I'll be safe,"
she says, and that is where she stayed, if only for a time.
People everywhere wearing smiles, yet she saw their sneers,
and felt their wickedness.
There was a time that she remembered when she thought that murder
didn't exist, because why would anyone want to kill?
Then it occurred to her; she is a murderer.
A girl who was once filled with love, cannot love anymore,
and yet she longs for it.
She is not sure if there is even a God, so so sings and creates.
It is the only happiness she has known.
She tries to forget, but her memories are still there.
She wears the scars and sins of her past, and she feels that she
isn't the woman that she was intended to be. She isn't
the person she was when she was still a child.
She wants to disappear into the sky, yet she is afraid to die,
So she soldiers on as she always has, until death releases her.

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