Road To Recovery
Im on the road to recovery, the struggle is real. Everyday is different, u never know how you'll feel. Sumdays will be easier then the rest, You'll have better days, but never the best. Ur demons will haunt you everyday, Takes alot to turn the other way. They say it gets easier as time goes by, in back of your mind u just wana get high. When u get high, the pain goes away. So being high is how u wana stay. Your always being tested by the choices you make. Not taking in consideration whats at stake. You find it easy to hurt those that are close, these are the people that love you the most. You take and take til everythings gone. Friends and family slip away, One by one. Now the trust is broken, nobody is around. The family is torn that once was bound. At the tyme this doesnt phase you, u just dont care. Who needs family when ur dealers always there. As tyme goes by, ur still getting high, your life has changed, its all based on manipulate, lie and steal to get what u need, not realizing the road its bout to lead. That road is a very dark place, committing crimes and catching a case. Now ur in jail, no where to turn.. No friends and family, those bridges you burned. Out of desperation u beg and u plead, its ur addiction manipulating to get what u need. The cycle repeats itself as often as it can, it always finds u no matter how far uve ran. Its always at your lowest and u always give in, why fight a battle you can not win. The day will come, may take months or years, when ur ready to fight and overcome your fears. To overcome the battle that ruined your life. That battle that caused you pain and strife. Its cost you everything, friends and family too. Its made you do things you never thought youd do. The struggle is real im not gonna lie, the struggle is worth it,i dont wanna die. I just want to b happy, healthy and free. I wanna be the person i know i can be. That person is gentle, caring and kind. Happy and funny with a creative mind. Im stronger now them i used to be, i can finally say im almost me. The struggle isnt over, the struggles still real, but giving up isnt part of the deal.

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