Roads Of Life

Life leads you down many roads,
but each road is paved with decisions you chose.
Good, or bad, the path is unclear, but get ready, a fork is near.
This time has come and you're forced to choose;
right or left, what to do?
There is nothing wrong with taking a breath,
sitting down and taking a rest...
think it through, thorough and deep.
Then, only then, will u find what you seek.
Now stand back up,continue moving your feet,
never let yourself settle for defeat.
Dont be afraid to take that leap, jump over that fence,
make sure to do it with a little class, and alot of confidence.
When you finally realize it has flown,
time has passed before your eyes.
Problems you once felt were life and death, were easily compromised.
So just take life, one day at a time
and never forget those who supported your shine.

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