i stared
with my tongue heavy laden
eyes frozen
dreams and desire answered
in meeting you
my disappointment
nearly tangiable
as i greeted you
once i sat
a child with stars in her eyes
a dream deep in mind save you...
the woman so pretty
unsurpassed beauty
eloquence and grace
engraved deeply
in my visions
i wanted nothing more
than to speak with you
to talk with you
to reach up high....
....wrap my arms about you....
how stunning
the way life can beat
the beauty from a face
how eloquence
and grace
...can evaporate...
how pitiful
the human creature can be
when lost and beaten
instead of high and mighty
you stood so tall
in my sight
and i met nothing
but your horror and fright
beaten upon your face
with fists of rage
....and i knew...
the child with stars in her eyes
had vision and sight
of a long dead thing
a long held dream
whispered prayers upon angels wings
for it was never to be
....and i could barely save me....

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