Roll on by “Purple Skies”

I learnt my journey at a early age
I took a lesser path
Not ta be engulfed in da devils ways
I walked on
Blindly overlookin' foes
Kept da head on my shoulders strong
Da limits of yo passion grows
Sowed in da earth
To bloom out Jehovah's soul
Through all da pain
N da fear
I never wuz told ta be here
back to da free
I believed
I'd be a dead man
Roamin' da streets
I speak with an infinite touch
My body is rough
Da bullet went through me
My blood turned into lust
A pride dat divides
In whom I can trust
Da wooded leaves are lush
More than I could ever have
I want a real love
And only one built ta last
only twenty
but da age don't have ta tell you nothing
Never cared about another nigga
tryna tell me something
Cuz you saved my life
I wuz born into crime
You lighted up my dark days
Where da sun didn't shine
Lit a spark in my art
Fused da cracks in my heart
You gave me a gentle prize
One dat you got me greedy on
Can't share wat wuz mine
Folks don't grasp everything
Lord do you hear me praying
It takes all my soul and yours
To understand everything dat I'm sayin'
I just pave da way
So don't delay to live and hope
Vermin out here like wolves
Searchin' fo' antelope
Tried ta let many
Have da right of way
But fools still tap dancin'
In da devils lane
In this truth
No lie has ever set me free
Fromda past weighin' out eternity
Tumblin' up on this dusty road
Da old man closed his life
Behind da dusty rows
So while you stay
Scrapin' up dat empty plate
Imma keep rising
Doin' wateva it takes
Expandin' my mind
Till I'm inaugurated
In da Hits of greats
N when I lay
I pray dat I'm
Headed all da way ta heavens gates

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