Rollercoaster of Life

the rollercoaster of life.
Loopty loops.
Everyone has a different Insane ride.
Some start to forget that, and theirs starts to do nothing but go down.
Forgettin it ever went up. Takin the easiest path possible.
loopty loops become straight. The ups are just a cliff, "the easy way OUT"
that plunges to a demise that soon evolves to the only desire to these poor souls seek.

Eventually every soul-ride gets to a point of reconstrustion.
Some can do it alone.
some Have others to help them.

Others are left with the easy way out.
never having the courage to tell themselves what a great ride it could be someday.
never having someone to even be a helping hand with rebuilding.

Every coaster has a chance to be great.
just depends on the rider.
if they cant MAKE it an amazing coaster, it will be a GREAT ride.

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