Romance #3

My love it’s stronger, than what the angels bring
And it is fueled by all the little things
To the sound of your laugh, to the way you walk
Those words you use when you talk
The passion that burns in you so violently
The thunder I feel when you’re next to me
The emptiness of when you’re gone
Those brand new depths of feeling alone
And every wish I get, I want to spend on you
For to see your smile, to come shining through
When we danced together free from shame
And stayed too long, getting caught in the rain
The expressions you wore upon your face
How they could light the room, in any place
When you cried out when no one else would speak
You having me close my eyes and say, not to peek
When you stood by my side so defiantly
Your unwavering trust and loyalty
Your perfume, your sweater, your hair
The fact I reminded of you, in everything, everywhere
To hold you once more, would mean so much
Just to see your eyes and to feel your touch

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