Romance (modified Sestina)

Some say that to romance is to lose your mind,
A romantic muse though seems to ruin the heart,
Sublime the man or woman who delays love,
Since to wait for love's first snow makes one glad.
To stay at home until you're forty-two,
Seems a safer measure than divorce's woe.
Lovely, the heart and filled with peace, not sad,
Rests the lady who keeps her own mind,
Life won't find her crying in poverty for two,
As she smartly works and saves her own heart.
Hoping the single ladies find this glad,
Avoid the handsome muse who brings woe,
Be anxious to run from him quick and be glad,
He might force you to cry, and drive you mad.
So wrap a fortress around your soul,
Around you in sweet celebration's heart,
Run from a muse,of bad heart,and bent mind,
Lacking the ability to give love.
The kiss of such a one brings so much woe.
Run ladies,run from a fool and save yourself.
Yes,take my advice girls, and save your own heart.
Put it in a glass vase, and make it glad,
That you guarded and blessed it from all woe,
Do save it for a more precious good love.
For doubly are those blessed who bless their own mind,
Unfortunate the mime who thinks of one whose' not you,
For he's not prepared to face a real love,
He does not deserve one as good as you.

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