Romanticize Life


Romanticize your life.
Romanticize the hell out of it.
If you don't, who else will?
For the world is tough enough without despising our own stories.
Romanticize it.
Romanticize waking up at dawn to go to work, because the sunrise is shining on your cheeks.
Romanticize your first kiss, all nervous giggles and awkward hands.
Romanticize your first love and how it never quite worked out.
Romanticize the night you lost your virginity despite it not being romantic at all.
Romanticize the moment you met the one, and romanticize them on your twentieth wedding anniversary.
Romanticize the moments you break, because every good story needs some tragedy.
Even romanticize the times where you fear you may have fucked it all up.
It's just a developing character arc.
Promise me that you will romanticize when other people bring you down.
For they simply supply you with fiery motivation.
Their words become the ashes from which you will inevitably rise, becoming the soaring phoenix you were born to be.
Romanticize the beautiful.
Romanticize the downright awful.
It's your movie, no one else's.
And if the critics have anything to say, well, they never understood art anyway.

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