They say the darker the flesh the deeper the roots
We all came from the same root
some of us change some of us stay the same
The root is in Africa, it grew and spread out
Look at its beautiful branches
How fruitful, no matter the color we came from the same place
Just in case you've been fooled by yo own complexion
Why racism is still in existence , we still need changes
I'm scare to conceive a child in this upcomin' generation
Its scary you could get shot
for wearin' a black hoodie and pant's saggin'
I wonder was it the clothes or the color
That made that man pulled the trigger
On anotha young brotha
Where is the love, brothas sellin out for a couple of dollas
Killin they own, for a couple of dollas even
For wearin a color
When we've all suffer our ancestors' struggle bein under another
No more hatin', we need to love one another
Cause when it all ends, the man above ain't gonna ask what you had
but who you was as a person
At the end of the day we all came from the same root,
And created by the same God
So spread love

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