Rooted Love

My soul rises from beneath,
To eagerly meet your touch, a routine.
Magnetic and toxic, I balance the two
With the hope of a limbo, steadying my roots.

I drink your lips, a heady enslavement.
A fire blazing within, an insatiable torment.
Oh, take me now, sweet, quixotic lover.
But let me go, like I was any other.

Leave me, hold me, toss me, fold me.
There's no sane point in this mill of pain.
Stop me, push me, kiss me. Love, see
Is a heart on fire, a drought, no rain.

Unearth me, tie me down, stroke me, let me drown.
I'm right, you're wrong, let's tango until we die.
But love always prevails despite our trails
The roots we tear, the dust kicked up,
Our hands in hands on heart on face,
Tangled up in a twisted mess of roots, we still embrace.

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