Wandering, and wondering when
you’ll understand where you're going.

Hoping someone
or something
will give you a sense of direction-
Of safety.
Of home.

Of love.
Not only are you alone
but you are lonely.

Everyone seems to know where they are going
like flowers blooming when they know it's Spring.
But it seems
That you are a leaf during Fall-

Falling, to nowhere in particular, getting lost in the wind
Drifting into the dark depths of life with no direction
Not knowing what tomorrow may bring

But it's everyone else
Telling you to be one sort of thing-
To stay tethered and remain close to the tree,
Never branching out…
But maybe you don't want to live like that.

You have to.
It's the only way everyone knows-

But what if that changed?
Wind was made for a reason.

What if you could just stay in the breeze for a while?
Being carried to nowhere in particular,
Just to be free…

Why must gravity bring leaves down?
Why do they need to descend in the first place?
What if leaves could decide where to go and make their own fate?

What if we told ourselves:
It's okay not to settle-
or to know
where to go.
As long as we know our roots
where we came from.

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