Editing history
Tweaking the memories
Re-circuiting the grid
Opening the lid
To air out the musk
Shedding light on the dust
The youngest leaf on the ancestral tree
Whose cells have the power to free
The lineage in its totality
A testimony to the beauty in enduring
Loving the curved branches for taking chances
Channeling lessons sometimes coming up less and
The twigs reach a new height and sight
To grasp a level of light
That seemed out of reach
To what the previous form of the tree
Could perceive while it viewed it's structure as fixed
But the quality of energy is a motion and mix
Ever flowing, ever glowing
Despite the branches wanting to hold their course
The sunlight, patient with force
Guides the path of the front runner
And deep under
The roots know
The leaf absorbs light to nourish the whole

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