Rosa Parks

To you who has been my oppressor,
My guide and my professor,
I must apologize for my behavior
For my intentions have changed due to my savior.

Against your river I must swim now;
Your gravity I must defy –
Soon my day will come;
You will see me fly.

Unable to see your shadow
You lead me to your meadow.
I was kidnapped from the holiness I once had.

You are the lord of violence,
Thus, I shall fight with peace,
My weapon of choice --
Civil disobedience.

When you command me to walk, I will run.
I'll never forget have you have done.
My flag you may confiscate but beware,
A bigger one I will wave in the air.

Lock me away, keep me from freedom;
Nelson Mandela I will be renamed.
For even though my goal is not fame,
My liberty will thrive unlike any other season.

This is my demonstration:
Statues of you will be torn for decoration.
In your streets you will see marches;
My soul won’t stop even if my feet are turned to ashes.

You asked me to get up and sit in the back
Where the darkness of oppression resided.
Sadly for you, bravery I no longer lack.
A two letter word with courage inside it.

To Equality and Respect I vow my life;
I pray to God to let them be my wife.
In rough roads, you will hear tolerance ring
And for that, I'll be known as Martin Luther King.

I broke away from your prison and your chains
For all you cause me and my siblings is pains.
I walked free, only to change myself for the better.
Gandhi they will call me, and they cry upon reading my independence letter.

I will give back what I was given,
It’s time for me, with you, to get even.
I will help others when life isn't easy;
Your people will fear me as they did Mother Teresa.

I have a name my parents gave me,
Yet, by that name, your army will not know me,
I am His child, His beloved;
His sinning little rebel.

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