Rosaceae Family

Deified with good deed and will that drupaceous Pronus persica,
that elegant and divine Rosaceae family
with roots encompassing the Northern star.
Astrological botany can be heard in the undiscovered
country purred perfectly from the golden lioness.
Classification of an aquifer is to unveil the Pishon River.
With water's like unto crystal the diamonds splash
with life and burst like springs. Life springs eternally
from fountains to spouts, and how 'bout it's?
Graces of Imhoteps good twinkle of an eye from New Jerusalem's gates.
Good praise, honor and sincerest respect to the Holy of Holies.
Unearthing good and everlasting balance with the plumpest,
most succulent red grapes in Adens' blessed garden.
Profound the music that set the rhythm of the rising rouge
sun, producing a hemisphere from Milky Way to Andromeda
spinning eternally the heavenly pair. Comparisons of an
old white oak and painted Adamic portraits and the
fig leaf. Human perfected and stolen erotica, Eve's sweetest
cover as she wrote to have and love forever and ever till death
do us bid. Azrael and his angels led the revolt and shouted war
chants the like of which could only be bargained with a gentleman's
measure to that of the Greek god Pan. Gehenna's gates
smashed and the city cleanly decapitated is the murder that he
writ. Pluto that faithful old friend led heavens most
faithful to the beat of the drum. Copernicus started the revolution
of keeping the eyes to the sky. Aquarius-signed, sealed and delivered.

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This Poems Story

Being an average African American in a middle class military family, unity and blood is thicker than water were a strict standard and have been a staple in the moral and ethical coat of arms in our family. Pulling from a plethora of family values, Sunday school lessons and historical facts of interest produced enlightenment to a creative idea involving the growth of family roots, its unity and protecting those treasures using the Garden of Eden as a focal point.