Rose-Tinted Glasses

I think of all this time we are wasting.
Slow down now let's don't be hasty.
Energies spent bringing our enemies to their knees
Might be better spent searching for our own inner peace.
A struggle every day to get out of bed,
Too much time spent living in our own heads.
Running in circles for the almighty dollar;
They want, they need, the greed. holla!

It's free to speak but be mindful of your words,
They taught you telephone to show how gossip works.
Afraid to speak the truth and avoid attack,
Who voted for Obama just because he's black.
My politics have always been my own.
Words easily spoken aren't always shown.
Find the inspiration to show us the way,
Regardless of sex, orientation or race!

Someday when the madness passes.
Now I sketch the world through rose-tinted glasses.

I take a break with coffee in hand,
Laugh off the stress of the rest with my man.
Twinkle little star and the moon sees me.
One night at a time we cherish our children's good dreams.

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