Rose tinted screens

Half drunk cups of Earl Grey in the living room
My equivalent version of that new car smell
A comfort in a dry den left over by war
I have just witnessed senescence,
Though the summer has just begun

You pulled out in your remake 1960s
It intimidates me,
But I’m immediately drawn in
Am I a mere flicker in your headlights?

Eventually, your wheels leave dirt tracks in such unrequited places of my mind
Saturated by the engine vapours
The response is growth of new motor neurones
And roses in full bloom

I hold your hand whilst you hold the gears
And you admit that I drive so much better
In the middle of everywhere we laze amongst the grass;
It hides us

Your smile is pink, sepia tone
you weld your head into my chest, it is see through
The engine roars in your face
It fills you with such content.

My eyes stream from the pollen
Your eyes are gravel
Expressionless and calm

Taking a sip of the diesel
Laughing at Intoxicating levels
pheromones and fumes
even steel can be so unpredictable

Our bodies intertwine.
We allow our roots to grow in helices
To overcome such unnatural barriers
Survival of the most absurd

I still have those lily stains on my white shirt
I prefer it this way, the dark orange patterned across my collar
A reminder of you, your fascination with pulling petals
And how easy it is to do so.

That summer lasted a whole year
I sometimes relive it, to truly breath again.
I never once needed the instruction manual
the test drive was all I needed

Our time is my horse-power,
In the memory control panel
your smile remains pink, sepia tone
and your eyes still gravel

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