You're a rosebud blooming in the sun

Your shining red petals gleam in the light

Your leaves are shaped of beautiful waves of greenery

With thorns of protection all around it

The scent of the rosebud is of a fragrance

Of a sweet aroma in the air

Its beauty alone can calm the known beast

Especially, if the beast was once a handsome figure at one time

As the petal falls from the rosebud and loses its gleam

The question is. will there ever be beauty in my life again?

Because it's not easy to fall in love with beauty

And have it disappear before your very eyes

I believe beauty should last forever for those who live for it

Then we'll have everlasting peace

I will always have a place in my heart for the rosebud

And I will remember the fragrance of its beauty

You're the rosbud of my heart

I have lost from the change of season throughout time

I love you, Rosebud!

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