Rosemary Mind

I recalled reading about Rosemary,
How it soothes, relaxes and helps activate the mind.
I recalled reading how students were excelling at tests
After sniffing the mysterious benefits of this powerfully perfumed essential oil.
I recalled thinking, “. . . the next time I’m out, I’m going to get some!”
So I did and really threw my heart into it.
I didn’t just get the essential oil . . . I got the lot!
And wow – there WAS a lot!
A new Rosemary scented world was opened up to me,
A world of Rosemary oil, Rosemary shampoo, Rosemary room mist . . . Rosemary everything!
I could just picture the bliss of a Rosemary infused mind awaiting me.
I could clearly imagine the rejuvenation of my dysfunctional disconnected synapses,
I couldn’t wait to get home and product test my purple cornucopia!
I rushed through door, emptied the bag and popped open the tiny potent bottle;
Sniff. . . Aaahhhh . . . sniff . . . . mmmmm . . . sniff . . . oooohhhh.
When will this brain rush kick in I wonder?
How much do I need?
How does it work?
I so badly want to have a sharper mind, you know, remember stuff that’s buried.

Just then, a memory flashed an image clear to the front of my new Rosemary mind,
An old memory that activated my heart;
A memory I’d rather forget.

I put the tiny potent bottle away into a dark cupboard,
Sat in a chair,
And sniffed.

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