Roses for Elise

You wished satin petals, to cover a canopy bed,
But wires, electrodes and IV's cover you instead.
You used to sing so sweetly such random little things,
I recall, "A bell chimes, as an angel earns her wings"

I miss your tinkling laughter that filled an empty hall,
Now bleakness infiltrates, dreading that urgent call.
Pain meds deviated rampid along your rail thin arms,
The room stifled with bleeps and unlit alarms.

Caressing a pale cheek, I stroke a shiny head,
You cried so hard when the golden curls were shed.
You use to chase rainbows and butterfly-kissed dreams,
Within imprisoned coma I can almost hear your screams.

You once asked me, "Mommy, why do I have to hurt?"
I tried to gentle emotions so words wouldn't come out curt.
"The cancer Elise, brings down angels just a bit closer to you,
Breaching darkness, so a little heaven shines through"

The funeral was very lovely, filled with fragrant flowers
I accepted condolences for what seemed many hours.
But now the mourners left me, I'm finally all alone,
The sounds of silence so sharp it cuts to the very bone.

The distant bells of Saint Peter melodious as it rings,
I know my little angel, has finally earned her wings.
On the polished headstone, words I especially chose,
And on your little grave I bestow an ivory rose.

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