Round and Round We Go

Round and Round we go the devil trying to pull me over
He want me shawty
these demons trying to haunt me shawty
they scheming
Had me sick for a year and a month
closed in in my own home
friends fell by the wayside
Mind going crazy grandma wouldn't let me go outside
Teachers didn't understand classes I'm taking over now
Heart breaking, mind racing, tell me what I'm supposed to do
hold up shawty wait a minute have you walked off in my shoes
You wouldn't last a mile in these here man I'm telling you
Better ask G-O-D, CJP, and Mittie Lee,
Williemae, Roba, Bae, Uncle Richard we miss you aye
A youngin' going through this pain call it growing pains
Hurtful secrets if I tell them they will stun you man
So I keep them between me and G-O-D
Pray to GOD that the devil stay underneath
That the demons stay from around me because I do not need that heat
I need these angels levitating around me man every week
Salute to my fallen angels shawty R.I.P.
Lord please help me focus
because these stresses are cutting deep
I have scars all on me
the kind that you can't see
they got me jumping out of my sleep
because this stuff is killing me
G-O-D help your people because they need you in these streets
these demons keep messing with them GOD they just won't leave them be

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